Back in April of 2010, a call came in to the WFLA TV newsroom about a woman living in a single motel room, with a number of children. A concerned employee at the motel called to say she was worried about the well-being of the children and asked if someone could do something to help. That night a crew from WFLA went to the motel and found Angel Adams living in a single room with twelve of her 15 children. Angel Adams had been evicted from her previous home. The homeowner would later claim that he had no idea Adams was living on his property with twelve children. The homeowner told WFLA, “We tried to help them and I think several other agencies, with paying her rent and the paying of her utilities, they did more than their part” [2] Adams has no job history and only a middle school education. She spent the past 21 years of her life mostly pregnant and taking care of children, at least during times when she had custody of them. Two years ago, she lost them after allegations of negligence were lodged; the family has been under the family court’s jurisdiction since then. When child protection investigators went into her home in July 2008, there was no power, no running water. “The mother’s homicidal statements, the children’s emaciated bodies, the mother’s failure to cooperate with efforts to ascertain the safety of the children and other facts” gave authorities concerns as to (Adams’) ability to care for the children, said a court document. Adams said her problems with the state began that day. [3] Now, the Mother from Tampa has 12 young children and she says they have no food, clothes and place to stay. It’s what Adams said to the reporter that ignited a firestorm of controversy Angel Adams, 27-year-old, blames the welfare system for all her problems and children. People and agencies are trying to help her but she thinks it’s not enough. Adams says that all the problems are due to the intervention of social service when her fiancée and father of ten of her children was arrested. she said:

Somebody needs to pay for all of my kids, and mine and Gary, all of our suffering and all of our pain. Somebody needs to be held accountable and they need to pay. [4]

Adams defends not having held a paying job, saying caring for a dozen children at once is a full-time job. She said she needed help after her boyfriend, Garry Brown, was arrested and sentenced to prison for selling drugs, and sought public assistance. She didn’t like the government intrusion that came with it. Adams is eager to get out from the scrutiny of the Florida Department of Children and Families, which, she said, is the cause of her problems. She said she wants the state out of her life. “It’s a revolving door that keeps you in their game,” she said. [5]

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