Brianne Altice, a former Davis High School English teacher  Utah Teacher Claims Student’s Grades Improved After Inappropriate Sexual Relationship teachersex

Brianne Altice, a former Davis High School English teacher

A Utah high school teacher, who in 2015 pleaded guilty to having an inappropriate relationship with three of her teenaged students, said in a letter to the court that after their relationship started, one of the boys began to get better grades. Brianne Altice, a former Davis High School English teacher, wrote in a two-page letter that she didn’t have the money for representation in the latest case against her and that she meant nothing “evil or malicious” in the relationships she had with three teenaged students. [2] Altice is before a court again after one of her past victims brought a lawsuit against her and the school. One of the boys, who was 17 in 2013 at the time of their alleged relationship and who was her teacher’s assistant, claimed in his own filing that he had confided in her about his troubled relationship with his parents.

sexteacher2  Utah Teacher Claims Student’s Grades Improved After Inappropriate Sexual Relationship sexteacher2sexteacher3  Utah Teacher Claims Student’s Grades Improved After Inappropriate Sexual Relationship sexteacher3

The lawsuit filed by the student, who is now of age, said Altice took advantage of his vulnerable emotional condition, and he also alleged the school was fully aware of what the teacher was doing both on and off campus but did nothing to protect him and the other victims. Police investigated the 2013 incidents and ultimately accused Altice of sexually molesting the three students. Their investigation alleged that the woman had arranged meetings with the teens in parks, in cars, and at her own home when her husband was away. In an effort to represent herself in court, Altice said in her letter that she “had no evil or malicious intent to cause harm” to the teens. As to the teen who filed the lawsuit against her, the former teacher said she told him to “communicate with his parents and continue to do his best in school” through his personal troubles at home. She added that after they had started a relationship, the teen’s grades improved. Back in 2015, Altice pleaded guilty to three counts of forcible sexual abuse, admitted to touching three students’ genitals, and is already serving a 2 to 30 year sentence.


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