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Jack Dromey, the politician who wanted Donald Trump banned from the UK, now claims you’re “racist” if you’re against welfare. The British Labour Party politician made the claim when criticizing a spoof leaflet circulating around the UK with the headline: “England: the welfare country,” which blasts the UK’s generous welfare system. “Birmingham Erdington MP Jack Dromey called on Prime Minister David Cameron to condemn the ‘racist rant,’” RT reported. “Others described the post as reaching an ‘amazing level of vileness.’”The leaflet, however, does not mention a specific racial or ethnic group at all: So, in other words, if you’re against an overbloated government welfare program, you’re racist, according to Dromey. “What’s racist about this?” A commenter on RT asked. “It’s the absolute truth, immigrants have been rushing to get to UK since 60’s so they can do nothing and scrounge off the working people who pay the taxes!” “I don’t see any racist plot here these people come from all over the place for a freebie life.”

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It’s also worth pointing out that according to the Geneva conventions and other international laws, refugees must claim asylum in the ‘first safe country’ they come to, which wouldn’t be the UK if they travelled through Western Europe to get there. The reason the migrants aren’t seeking “asylum” in the first European country they arrive in, like Greece for example, is because they know they can get more welfare in Germany and the UK. Dromey made headlines a few weeks ago when he said Trump shouldn’t be allowed “within 1,000 miles” of the UK after the GOP frontrunner said Muslims migrants shouldn’t be able to flood into the U.S. without being properly vetted, especially after ISIS bragged it was exploiting the migrant crisis to invade the West.

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