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hillary-prison-bitch  The 'Hillary for Prison' Movement is Exploding hillary prison bitch When running for public office, it’s never a good idea to have voters associate your name with the term “prison,” but that’s just what Hillary Clinton is now contending with. [1] Hillary Clinton wants to be in the White House come election time, but a lot of people would like to see her somewhere else. And where is that somewhere else? Most people think a good place for Hillary Clinton is nowhere else other than PRISON. [4] Hillary Clinton keeps a private email server during her time as Secretary of State and deletes the emails when congress asks to see them. Now we are learning that The Clinton Foundation as well as the Clintons personally benefited at the same time as the State Department approved a deal allowing a firm controlled by the Russian government to purchase 20% of American Uranium mines. Uranium, which is essential for nuclear weapons and which Russia has also been sending to Iran. These events are facts, which at best show a conflict of interest for the Clintons and at the worst may demonstrate criminal acts of corruption and even treason. We may never know, however, because Hillary kept a private email server and erased the information when Congress asked to see! As the controversy grows, “Hillary for Prison 2016″ yard signs are beginning to crop up. We now see “Hillary for Prison” paraphenelia popping up everywhere on the Internet: t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, etc. One merchant, presenting his own version of the “Hillary for Prison T-Shirt” wrote: “It’s time to turn up the pressure and demand accountability!” The T-shirt bore the inscription “I’m Ready for Hillary to Go to Prison.” Hillary would probably like to see this T-Shirt be banned, but it says a lot about what most people are thinking. Another one, The Hillary For Prison 2016…or Sooner T-shirt is on it’s 6th printing and is selling like crazy and if you want to spread the word that Hillary Clinton needs to be in the PRISON instead of the White House, get this shirt because it won’t last forever and it could be banned if Hillary gets word. [4]

A sampling of the signs are all over social media, and also include bumper stickers and T-shirts. In fact, there’s even a hashtag: #HillaryForPrison. Interestingly, a close up of the yard signs displays an unusual website:

The Clintons are Fighting Back

The operator of a political website that parodies the presidential hopes of Hillary Clinton has just gotten a lesson in realpolitik and what happens when someone crosses the Clintons. Marinka Peschmann, a freelance journalist and author, has been marketing a number of different buttons and bumper stickers for the “Hillary 2016: Prison or POTUS” campaign on the website One of those caught the eye of Clinton-campaign lawyers and is now no longer available. Clinton’s campaign claimed Peschmann had infringed on the trademark for the official campaign logo. [2] Peschmann announced the takedown on her website:

Note: Take down! This bumper sticker is no longer available. Hillary for America’s legal department lodged an intellectual property right’s holder trademark complaint against HILLPoP2016′s latest styles. While HILLPoP2016 thinks our H is different (the arrow faces left and is orange for instance), one must pick their battles. HILLPoP2016 respects Zazzle’s decision regarding their terms of service agreement and wishes more corporations would enforce them. [2]

[1] Tom Tillison, Look! ‘Hillary for Prison 2016′ yard signs popping up all over, BIZPACReview, August 17, 2015


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