According to right-wing rockstar Ted Nugent, Hillary Clinton should be imprisoned, instead of announcing her bid for the presidency.  Speaking to IJReview at the NRA Convention, Nugent said he would respect Clintons run for President when she answers for multiple “treasons.”  “Clinton should not be running for President today, she should be in jail,” Nugent said, enumerating multiple high-profile Clinton scandals of late. “She deleted thousands of emails on a secret server. I want to see those emails. She watched our Ambassador’s house burn. And did nothing? Why is she not in prison?” [1] [3] Nugent was referring to the terrorist attack in Benghazi in 2012.  Nugent typically does not hold back on with his political opinions.  Nevertheless, his questions echo what many conservatives are asking. How can Hillary Clinton get away with not telling the American people what she was doing exactly as secretary of state when Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed during the Benghazi attack? In addition, how can she erase thousands of possibly sensitive emails also during her time as secretary of state with no repercussions? [4] Nugent thinks says he has not endorsed a GOP candidate yet, but is definitively against Chris Christie. “That man has no balls,” Nugent says, citing the New Jersey hollow point bullet ban, “We need someone to go against Hillary who has balls.” [1]

[1] BENNY JOHNSON, Ted Nugent: Hillary Clinton Should Be In Jail, iJReview, April 12 2015
[3] Ted Nugent: Hillary Clinton Should Be In Jail, WXFX, 9:57AM Monday April 13, 2015


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