Satan LIVE at Civic Center Music Hall

Theatre-live-satan  Satanic Group Plans to Hold a Black Mass' in Oklahoma City Theatre live satanA Oklahoma-based satanic group called Dakhma of Angra Mainyu has leased space in the Civic Center Music Hall, which is owned and operated by the city, to hold a black mass on Sept. 21 2014. Angra Mainyu is a mythical entropic spirit that frees mankind through destruction. The specific space they rented, Cityspace theater, is the facility’s smallest available theater space. The group is paying $420 for the five-hour rental, on a Sunday evening. The public information officer for the Civic Center told WND the city will not block the black mass from being held despite an uproar among Christian and family groups, which are mobilizing to stop it. [1] The main figure behind this group is local Oklahoma City satanist Adam Daniels, who says he is the high priest of a local satanic group. Daniels has explained that a satanic mass contains similar themes to a Catholic mass, but participants worship Satan instead of God. [2] The Huffington Post reported that Daniels is a registered sex offender, convicted in 2009 of “sexual battery of persons over the age of 16,” according to the state’s sex offender registry, which notes that he has satanic tattoos “all over body.” The Black Mass of Oklahoma is scheduled to take place on Sept. 21 at 7PM. Tickets are $15.0 According to the group holding the event, the religious Black Mass will be conducted as a public event to help educate the public about Religious Satanism. The website announces:

The Black Mass has been a feared ritual, and now it’s being brought into the light! This will be not only enlightening but educational as well. This Black Mass will [be] conducted for the public to attend with certain adaptations to allow for a legal celebration. [3]

Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock, spokeswoman with OKC Parks and Recreation and the Civic Center Music Hall, told the Christian Post that the black mass will be more sedate than it is traditionally performed. [4] That includes clothing the “female altar,” which is normally nude, Adam Daniels, head of Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, the satanic church in Oklahoma City behind the event, explained in an interview. [5]

All activities during the event must abide by our local ordinances and laws, including laws that govern nudity, lewd acts, ritual sacrifice, as well as building codes for open flames. The Civic Center Music Hall is not underwriting this event in any way, nor paying for outside advertising. Individuals wishing to attend must purchase a ticket to get in. [6]

The direction of the Civic Center Music Hall is more used to religious celebrations than to satanic ones and they seems conscious of the fact that sensitive people may see this use of the facility as a desacralisation of the building. They are sensitive to the complaints because some of their clients are religious organisations. “There is a community church that has a long-term agreement with us to rent one of our ballrooms for their weekly Sunday services,” noted Lindsey-McClintock.

Our facility was even used for the installation mass of former Oklahoma City Archbishop Eusebius Beltran in 1992. [7]

Christians are Trying to Block the Black Mass

coakley  Satanic Group Plans to Hold a Black Mass' in Oklahoma City coakley

Archbishop Paul Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

Mayor Mick Cornett’s office received more than 450 e-mails and calls between Wednesday and Sunday opposing the event, and the Civic Center fielded about 200 complaints, said Kristy Yager, the city’s spokeswoman. [8] Archbishop Paul Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, a leading opponent of the planned “black mass” in Oklahoma City said city leaders should reconsider allowing the presentation in a public building. He wrote in a statement:

The specific Satanic ritual known as a ‘black mass’ is intended as a deliberate attack on the Catholic Mass as well as the foundational beliefs of all Christians with the stated purpose of mocking the Catholic faith. [9]

The original preparations for the ceremony involved a Satanic deacon throwing sacred Catholic wafers on the floor and stomping on them. The wafers are the Holy Eucharist, embodying the body of Christ — and their use (or abuse) was a sticking point for Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley. Petition have been lauched to raise awareness and hopefully block the holding of the event. An online petition started by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property and The TFP Student Action Network has almost met its goal of 50,000 signatures in opposition of the planned event urging the city to stop the sacrilege from going forward. The petition is adressed to Mr. Stephen Sharpe, event coordinator at the Oklahoma City Civic Center, Oklahoma City mayor Mr. Mick Cornett and the Governor of Oklahoma, The Hon. Mary Fallin basically urging them to cancel the event. They argue that “sacrilege is not free speech.” [10] The message adressed to them says in substance:

I urge you to cancel this event which offends 1 billion Catholics worldwide, 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma and countless more God-loving Americans. [11]

“The black mass is an attempt to rip God out of the fabric of our nation. That’s why more and more people are joining the protest,” said John Ritchie, the Student Action Director for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property. [12] Ritchie further asked why the civic center is “facilitating and advertising sacrilege” by using a tax-funded facility “as a platform to attack God and demean all God-loving Americans.” He added: “This event harms the common good on many levels. It forces civic center employees and government workers to assist, or work in close proximity to, an event that targets the Catholic faith.” TFP’s student action director noted that a similar black mass initially scheduled at Harvard University in May was cancelled after a public protest. “We’re praying this one gets canceled too,” Ritchie concluded. [13] They have reached a great number of people so far and they have high expectation as to the impact of this petition on the decision on the mayor and Civic Center’s officials to go along with the event or not.

Our first goal of 50,000 petitions has been achieved. The new goal is now 100,000. Your petition, together with many more, will be presented to the Civic Center, as well as the Mayor of Oklahoma City and the Governor of Oklahoma before September 21. [14]

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Mary Fallin also weighed in, releasing a statement denouncing the Satanic group’s ritual as a “disgusting mockery of the Catholic faith,” joining thousands of Christians and the city’s Roman Catholic archbishop who have voiced their deep concern over the scheduled event.

It may be protected by the First Amendment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t condemn it in the strongest terms possible for the moral outrage which it is. It is shocking and disgusting that a group of New York City ‘satanists’ would travel all the way to Oklahoma to peddle their filth here. I pray they realize how hurtful their actions are and cancel this event. [15]

Harry Mihet, vice president of legal affairs and chief litigation counsel for Liberty Counsel, said Oklahoma City should not allow its public facilities to be “used by a satanic group for the sole purpose of mocking, insulting and offending other faiths through a lewd and lascivious ceremony.” [16]

The perverted sexual deviance characteristic of a ‘black mass’ ought to remain in the dark tombs and catacombs where it originated, and should not see the light of day in a civilized society, much less on public property. [17]

The Archi-Diocèse Filed a Law Suit

satan-law-suit  Satanic Group Plans to Hold a Black Mass' in Oklahoma City satan law suitThe Archdiocese of Oklahoma City filed a lawsuit against the group, claiming that their acquisition of the Eucharist could have only been via theft. Filed Wednesday in Oklahoma County District Court, the lawsuit described the host as being the product of only the “sacred ritual” of Catholic mass and consecrated by an “ordained priest.” Consequently, “A consecrated host can only come from one source,” read the lawsuit, provided to The Christian Post by the Archdiocese.

If an unauthorized individual has possession of a consecrated host, it must have been procured, either by that person or by another, by illicit means … [18]

The attorney representing the group, known as the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, returned the host to a Catholic priest. In a statement, Archbishop Paul S. Coakley said that he was “relieved” by the news of the stolen host being returned to the church. The Catholic Archbishop of Oklahoma City has agreed to drop a lawsuit against a satanic cult that plans to perform a “black mass” in the city now that the cult has returned a stolen consecrated host to the church.

I am relieved that we have been able to secure the return of the sacred host, and that we have prevented its desecration as part of a planned satanic ritual. I remain concerned about the dark powers that this satanic worship invites into our community and the spiritual danger that this poses to all who are involved in it, directly or indirectly. [19]

The Show Must Go On: Oklahoma’s Black Mass Sold Out!

black-mass-sold-out  Satanic Group Plans to Hold a Black Mass' in Oklahoma City black mass sold outDevil worshippers the Dakhma of Angra Mainya have announced all 88 tickets to the September 21 event – which the website promises will be ‘enlightening and educational’ – have sold out. Organiser and self-proclaimed high priest Adam Daniels believes the ritual, which is to be held at Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall, represents progress for devil-worshippers operating in Oklahoma and elsewhere. ‘The goal for the event is to continue the satanic movement – to keep fighting for our rights for religious freedom,’ he said. The black mass will feature stamping and obscene language, according to leaders of the service, as well as spitting onto unconsecrated communion wafers, a satanic exorcism and a scantily-clad young woman lying on an altar.

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