Samuel L. Jackson is a liberal. A really dumb one. He admited that he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 based on fact that he was black. In 2012, he made a political video called “Wake the Fuck Up,” in which he laid out all the reasons voting Republican would be a bad idea, including their supposed infringements on women’s rights, gay rights, the proliferation of voter suppression laws and a lack of concern for the poor, among other things. In his classic Jackson style, he would regularly say to the characters in the film, “It’s time to wake the fuck up.” Four years later, Jackson is as dumb as he was in 2012. Recently, during a comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live, liberal actor Samuel L. Jackson threatened to move to South Africa if Republican front-runner Donald Trump is elected president.

[4] OLAF EKBERG, VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson will to move to South Africa if Trump wins, The American Mirror, DECEMBER 8, 2015


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