broke-global-warming-dumbas  Leaked Gov’t Documents Shows What’s Really Behind The Global Warming Agenda: ‘Profound Lifestyle Changes’ broke global warming dumbasFighting global warming isn’t just about deploying more green energy, it’s also about imposing “profound lifestyle changes” for millions of people, according to leaked European Union documents obtained by The Guardian. “It will require exploring possibilities for realising ‘negative’ emissions as well as profound lifestyle changes of current generations,” read the document laying out the European Commission’s agenda. It was presented to foreign ministers in Belgium Monday. “The potential scale of such a deep transformation will require a wide societal debate in Europe,” according to the document which calls for a European-wide debate on how people need to change their day-to-day lives to fight warming. [1] [2] This document was written in response to last December’s Paris climate summit, which agreed a plan for cutting emissions to net zero after mid-century, and an intent to peg global warming to 1.5C. [2] Temperatures have already risen by 1C since pre-industrial times and slamming the brakes on climate change “is by no means an easy undertaking”, the document says. “It will require exploring possibilities for realising ‘negative’ emissions as well as profound lifestyle changes of current generations.” Negative emissions can refer to carbon capture and storage technology powered by biomass, geo-engineering of the atmosphere and oceans, or CO2 removal that sucks emissions out of the air. [2] For years, European regulators have been trying to fight global warming through a variety of schemes targeting people’s energy consumption. From cap-and-trade, to high energy taxes, to green energy mandates, little has actually worked to drastically decrease carbon dioxide emissions. [1]

ClimateChange-broke-idiot  Leaked Gov’t Documents Shows What’s Really Behind The Global Warming Agenda: ‘Profound Lifestyle Changes’ ClimateChange broke idiotTo meet the terms of the agreement, the EU will have to cut carbon emissions until they are 40% below where they were in 1990. With only 14 years to get it done, leaders are being forced to look into increasingly dramatic measures that could indeed change the way the average European lives their life. While the EU has not yet gone on record to specify which “profound lifestyle changes” are required to meet the goals, they will likely go farther than shorter showers. According to a recent story in Scientific American, individuals can do their part to combat global warming by moving closer to work, switching to bicycles or mass transit, and even limiting procreation to one child per family. The UN has proposed cutting red meat out of our diets due to the excess methane produced by cattle farming. But these methods of tackling climate change have been resisted by some of the world’s most dedicated environmentalists. In a story last November, Young Friends of the Earth Europe said that the emphasis on individual action was largely a “myth” meant to shift blame away from the real carbon culprits. “Focusing on individuals renders the system invisible – but climate change is a systemic problem, requiring a systemic change,” wrote the activists. “When the narrative shifts from ‘we need to change the foundations of the system’ to ‘we need to shop differently’, the story has been derailed.” One thing is certain: if the environmental left isn’t even down with your climate proposals, your little movement has run off the rails. Fact is, people aren’t going to be motivated to embrace a more difficult lifestyle to avoid a theoretical future filled with monster storms and rising sea levels. Life, frankly, is hard enough as it is. When you are behind on bills, struggling to make ends meet, and trying to raise a family, you don’t give a tinker’s damn about “going green.” Unfortunately, this (inconvenient?) truth is going to inspire our leaders to force the world to change in ways that will make life a little bit worse for everyone. You know…the exact opposite of why they were elected in the first place. [4]

[2] Arthur Neslen Brussels, Europe’s climate change goals ‘need profound lifestyle changes’, The Guardian, Monday 15 February 2016 08.51 GMT


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