Repeat after me: “There is no God but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.” No? That’s what students in Seminole County, Florida, were told to do in their 10th-grade history class. It’s not a reading from the “Five Pillars of Islam,” but at history textbook at Lyman High School. Students are required to recite the prayer off the chalkboard at the teacher’s instruction, said parent Ron Wagner. What’s more amazing is the history book “accidentally” left out over 100 pages on Judaism and Christianity. In the section about religion, only Islam remains. But that doesn’t matter – dozens of these books were handed out to schoolchildren. Wagner said he was unaware how intently his son was learning about Islam until he noticed a text on his son’s phone. It was from the teacher reminding him to complete a prayer rug assignment and complete an assignment on Islam. Dr. Michael Blasewitz, who is in charge of the school’s curriculum, stormed out of an interview with WFTV, but not before telling the station that students also learn about Judiam and Christianity, but in the earlier school years. WFTV said district officials conducted an investigation that included interviews with students who said they did not recite the Muslim prayer in class. Federal law allows schools to teach aboutreligion, because it’s part of history. But public schools may not teach religion. “There’s a difference between teaching of the significance or the impact of a religion and teaching the specific tenets of a religion,” Wagner said. The district will reconsider the book in three years, when the contract is up. In the meantime, I hope those students make a real purty prayer rug.

[1] Joshua Gillin, High schoolers had to recite Islamic prayer in class, make prayer rugs as homework, websites say, Politifact, Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 11:10 a.m.


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