Donald Trump is not a big fan of Barrack Obama and he never misses an opportunity to criticize the Kenyan President and the man seems to have a lot of fun shocking the liberals with his right wing political ideology. [1] This week, he issued a Christmas card to the President via his twitter account, which ‘fired’ the President using his catch-phrase used on the show The Apprentice, according to Newmax. “President Obama you’re fired!” [2] Just this month, Donald Trump bought a new building on Pennsylvania Avenue which he plans on turning into another Trump International Hotel. He gave ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl a tour of the new hotel, and when Karl asked Trump if he had any plans on running for the White House in 2016, Trump didn’t deflect the question.

Look, I have great popularity, the polls all show great, great numbers. I am looking at it very, very seriously. And If I decide to do it, I will do it. [1] [2]

As per the Christmas card’s request, people started tweeting using the hashtag #TrumpNewYearsRes:

Trump’s announcement was welcome news for many who say that after years of weak recovery under Obama, the country desperately needs a leader with business experience.[2]


trump-christmas-card  Donald Trump's Special Christmas Card to Obama trump christmas cardThis sentiment shone through on Twitter, where — in addition to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas — The Donald also called upon his fellow Americans to tweet their New Year’s resolutions to “Make America Great Again” using the hashtag #TrumpNewYearsRes. Many of the responses were heartfelt, touching on service to veterans, education, and getting back to basic principles of American enterprise. [2]

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[2] Nick Sanchez, Trump’s Christmas Card ‘Fires’ Obama, Invites Fans to Share Resolutions, Newsmax, Thursday, 18 Dec 2014 02:30 PM
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