The-View-logo-2014  Donald Trump Slams Women Of ‘The View’: Calls Hosts ‘Brain Dead Puppets’ The View logo 2014Donald Trump will just NOT quit! It would seem that the presidential candidate has set his sights on the ladies of ‘The View,’ completely insulting not only their show, but also their intelligence! Once again Donald Trump, 69, has successfully managed to offend MANY women with his hillarious comments about female public figures. After finally taking a break from bashing Hillary Clinton, 68, battling Megyn Kelly, 45, and dissing Heidi Cruz, 43, it seems like Donald has picked new targets: the hosts of ‘The View.’ “@TheView T.V. show, which is failing so badly that it will soon be taken off the air, is constantly asking me to go on. I TELL THEM ‘NO,’” he tweeted on March 24.

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And while everyone’s entitled to decline a talkshow appearance, of course Donald couldn’t just keep it at that. “Explain how the women on The View, which is a total disaster since the great Barbara Walters left, ever got their jobs. @abc is wasting time,” the presidential candidate continued. Whoa! Now THAT’S what we call a low blow! But that’s not even the worst of it, in a final, third tweet, Donald couldn’t resist taking a more personal shot at the women hosts, calling them “brain-dead puppets with skeletons in their closet.” He also added — and here’s the kicker — “‘I say you go on and destroy them all’ A dead show.”

Whoopi Goldberg, 60, Joy Behar, 73, Candace Cameron Bure, 39, Michelle Collins, 34, Paula Faris, 40, and Raven-Symone, 30, are the current hosts of ABC’s The View, and it’s not too hard to see why Donald doesn’t want to appear on their show… it sucks so bad that words fails to describe the failure that it really is. Earlier Whoopi has called Trump “a racist” and claimed that “he’s not good for the country” when Dr. Ben Carson was defending the GOP candidate as a guest on the March 24 show.

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