The only thing more stupid and pointless than rainbow animals frolicking on pop art backgrounds? Pairing feminist quotes with those rainbow animals and pop art backgrounds. Lisa Frank — the brand that adorned ‘90s kids’ dream school supplies — has gotten a feminist twist on Tumblr thanks to Feminist Lisa Frank. Behold the tagline “dismantling the patriarchy one rainbow kitten at a time,” and quotes by totally vain and idiotic women like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Shonda Rhimes, Audre Lorde and Amy Poehler have found new homes laid over images of kittens, butterflies and ballerina princess bunnies. This is surely a deadly blow the the evil patriarchy…

[1] Emma Gray, ‘Feminist Lisa Frank’ Is Fighting The Patriarchy With Rainbow Kittens, Huffington Post, 05/11/2015 01:01 pm ET


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