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Satanists are the kind of people that doesn’t like to be told what to do and what not to do.

Most defenders of same sex marriage all around the world are not aware of it but they have an unsuspected ally in their fight for their rights: the Church of Satan! That right folks, satanists are the kind of people that doesn’t like to be told what to do and what not to do. They have at least that in common with the LGBT crowd. Gay activists may not suspect it yet, but Satanists could one day reveal themselves as a precious ally in the fight for the fullfilment of the left’s diversity agenda. Their holy book, The Satanic Bible, is partly based on Ragnard Redbeard’s book Might is Right which is a piece of work that have a lot to say about power struggles. [1] The Church of Satan is a religious organization dedicated to the philosophy of LaVeyan Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San Francisco, California, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the church’s High Priest until his death in 1997. [2] In 2001, Peter H. Gilmore became the high priest, and the church’s headquarters were moved to Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan.

The Church of Satan’s Official Policy on Gay Marriage

The Church of Satan if pretty much aware of the fact that the question of same sex marriage is a hot topic in the United States right now. As a matter of fact, many people who tried to consume a same sex marriage has been branded “agents of Satanic immorality” even without having any ties to the Church of Satan or any other occult groups. Since the Church of Satan is an incorporated church, this “labeling” situation have brought the question of gay marriage on the discussing table on a few occasions because they have been asked several times, by the pros as much as by the cons, what was their position on the matter. This is a delicate question but it need to be adressed. It is well know that the Church of Satan does not mingle into the political orientations of it members, but it remains clear that the proponents of Satanism must have some sort of common accord concerning certain principles that have to do with human liberties. So this is the official policy on the subject:

It is an intrinsic part of our philosophy as expressed in The Satanic Bible to accept a broad range of human sexual practices – so long as it is between consenting adults. [3]

Some people may be surprised to hear this but the truth of the matter is that “the Church of Satan is the first organized religious group to fully accept members regardless of sexual orientations.” [4] This is the reason why, Peter Gilmore writes in his book The Satanic Scriptures, “our members advocate that any existing laws discriminating against homosexuality should be revoked.” [5] All the rest can be logically deduced from there :

It naturally follows that Satanists would support weddings or civil unions between adult partners whether they be of opposite or the same sex. So long as love is present and the partners wish to commit to a relationship, we endorse their desire for a legally recognized partnership, and the rights and privileges that comes from such a union.[6]

churchsatan-gay-marriage  The Church of Satan on Gay Rights & Same Sex Marriage churchsatan gay marriage

Like it or not, the Church of Satan is the first organized religious group to fully accept members regardless of sexual orientations.

Unfortunately, note Gilmore, other religions in the past have used marriage as a means for licensing approved form of sexual activity – since fornication is generally consiered sinful under their anti-human doctrines. At that time, the wedding was intended as an encouragement for propagation. Overall, the institution was held to be sacrosanct, serving to enforce Christian morality as the standard for behavior. Now it is much better, according to Gilmore, “western society no longer view marriage solely as a licensed breeding program” and married heterosexual groups who cannot or choose not to reproduce are not stigmatized anymore and our society stopped considering marriage as a permit for sexual activity. [7] As for the preservation of traditional values, the sanctity of the family and the mental health of the kids that may be adopted by such gay couples, the Satanists could not care less. In their view man must inconditionally be spiritually and behaviorally unrestrained:

If existing laws maintain outmoded religious moral codes that infriunge on equal treatment for people subject to these dictates, then the time has come for the legislators to purge these laws of religious dogma and bring them in line with the secular society that exist in the United States. [8]

Gilmore does not think that this point of view makes him that much of a revolutionary progressist in the American political landscape because, according to him, “secularism was one of the goals of the American Founding Fathers and it generally remains sound.” [9] Any tempering with such a sober point of view may be nothing else that degradation. For example, the changing of our national motto from the secular “E Pluribus Unum” (“out of many, one”) to “In God We Trust,” and the addition of the religious reference “Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance are regrettable examples of aberrancy. [10] Gilmore like to remind people that allowing same-sex marriages does not means that Christians and other who oppose such a practice will be forced into such unions. It is possible that some people will find same sex union distasteful but this is to be expected in a nation that proud itself in encouraging the individual pursuit of happiness:

There are no garantee that everyone is going to like what everyone else is doing. That is a part of freedom – the tolerance of diversity. [11]

So, in a nutshell, ironically enough, the Church of Satan really do encourages same sex marriage but they are not a bunch of control freaks like MSNBC, for example, that want to shape the way people a thinking about gender issues. They are pro gay marriage but on the other hand they are also completely anti-political correctness. In this regards, they are more respectuous of other people opinions and sound “less evil” than most of the media outlets out there that are part of liberal media complex when they talk about those topics. By citing the Church of Satan as an allie of the LGBT crowd in their quest for same sex marriage legalization, we obviously didn’t intended to brand gay couples as “satanic,” but we did want for people to pay attention to the fact that the reason why some political party are pushing it has nothing to do with human rights, they are simply harnessing the power of the victims groups in order to please special interests. In this case the special interests probably are the lawyers, attorneys and judges, the judicial system itself, which has a lot of money to do with those civil “unions” and “divorces.” There is better chances that so-called evil weirdos groups like The Church of Satan really have your best interest in mind, in term of personal freedom and right to self-determination because it’s part of their ideology, it’s part of their way of life and according to them it’s the way that leads to human godhood. On the other hand, the judicial system just want to profit from your marital happiness on the way up and capitalize on you martital problems on the way down. In this regard they are even more “satanic” than the Church of Satan itself.

The other thing we wanted to accomplish by mixing same sex marriage issues with the Church of Satan in our article is to underline the fact that gay marriage shouldn’t be considered as “normal” in a healthy society, but should rather be conceived as part of a class of tolerated “exceptions,” an accomodation that society make to cover all the varieties of ways in which nature expresses itself. Just like a membership in the Church of Satan is not viewed as frequent occurence among the member of society, but rather as a tolerated expression of free speech in the measure that it remains under the limits of the criminal code. The reason for that is so simple that very few people are willing to contemplate it for what it is. The LGBT crowd don’t think about sex the same way ordinary people do. For them it’s a very big issue… if not the central issue in all existence. So, the day same sex unions will be “officially” considered “normal,” you can rest assured that you’ll have the LGBT crowd running everywhere into the primary schools and kindergardens with “inclusiveness programs” teaching your kids about the joy of sexual diversity way before they are even aware that they have genitals. In fact it’s already started and they don’t have won all their fights yet. So imagine when the legal victories are completed. Vladimir Putin understood this and passed a law that does not criminalize homosexuality per se, but rather forbid the LGBT crowd from going into school teaching their mumbo jumbo to the kids.

[1] His connection to Might is Right is this: When he was writting his Satanic Bible, LaVey copied considerable portion of Might is Right into its page without giving redbeard due credit. When it was made public he blamed the publisher. (see Ragnard Redbeard, Might is Right, Darrell W. Conder’s Introduction, p. iv)
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