Guess which other crook was there?  17 Democrat Attorney Generals Announced That They'll Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’ gore idiot

Guess which other crook was there?

A coalition of 17 attorneys general have announced that they will be threatening legal action and huge fines against any company that challenges the climate change orthodoxy, according to The Daily Signal. A group of 15 state attorneys general (California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington State) and the attorneys general of the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands are calling themselves “AGs United for Clean Power.” All but one are Democrats, the lone exception being an independent, the AG for the Virgin Islands. At a press conference on March 29, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said “The bottom line is simple: Climate change is real,” and he and the coalition will pursue “to the fullest extent of the law” any companies committing fraud by “lying” about it.

As The Daily Signal notes,

Schneiderman and Kamala Harris, representing New York and California respectively, have already launched investigations into ExxonMobil for allegedly funding research that questioned climate change. Exxon emphatically denounced the accusations as false, pointing out that the investigation that “uncovered” this research was funded by advocacy foundations that publicly support climate change activism. […] This comes on top of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitting that the Justice Department is discussing the possibility of pursing civil actions against climate change deniers, and that she has already “referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which” federal law enforcement could take action.

environmentalist-crooks  17 Democrat Attorney Generals Announced That They'll Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’ environmentalist crooks

Standing next to Schneiderman throughout the press conference was former Vice President Al Gore, whose fearmongering, Oscar-winning 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth sparked serious momentum for the climate change movement. He praised the coalition, stating that “what these attorneys general are doing is exceptionally important.” Yes, important for Gore and the radical left. As for free speech, Schneiderman declared that climate change deniers are committing “fraud” and thus are not protected by the First Amendment. Not all attorneys general are onboard with the New Inquisition. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange have stated they would not be joining:

Reasonable minds can disagree about the science behind global warming, and disagree they do. This scientific and political debate is healthy and should be encouraged. It should not be silenced with threats of criminal prosecution by those who believe that their position is the only correct one and that all dissenting voices must therefore be intimidated and coerced into silence. It is inappropriate for State Attorneys General to use the power of their office to attempt to silence core political speech on one of the major policy debates of our time.

Inappropriate, yes. But silencing dissent is what the left does.

[2] Hans von Spakovsky, 16 Democrat AGs Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’, The Daily Signal, April 04, 2016


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